Saturday, May 27, 2006

A New Blog

i've started penning a new blog. And this one is special simply because it speaks in my mother tongue. The address is

To read the blog, you will need to install a Malayalam unicode font (eg. the font AnjaliOldLipi which can be dowloaded from ). If you are on windows just save the file to the folder C:\WINNT\Fonts.

I've found the experience of blogging in malayalam much more comfortable than i'd thought. The varamozhi editor is a neat piece of work, kudos to the development team. It is almost as intuitive as it can possibly be, especially for those who have previous manglish experience.
For people who want to try a hand at it here's a FAQ link.

There's a nice community of malayalam bloggers out there. Mostly comprised of expatriats currenlty in the gulf and the US, the club is a mixture of people with varied interests bound together by their love for their mother land and mother tongue. Among them are people narrating hilarious incidents from their good old days at home, people discussing current affairs, people writing stories, poems and literary criticism, people writing about reading and other cultural experiences, people teaching and advocating pure malayalam, people posting photographs taken in kerala, people who describe their daily experiences with a distince malayali touch, people writing kerala recipes, people filled with a lot of nostalgia for everything keralite from puttu to politics ..... They find time to read each others' blogs and comment on them and then comment on the comments. Such discussions are friendly. sometimes quite funny and sometimes quite informative. Here are links to a few of those blogs which i've got chance to read until now.