Tuesday, April 15, 2003

A Vishu Kani Like This

STBED, Bangalore

It was early morning on vishu day. My sleep was into its last yaamams when I faintly heard noises of a couple of my friends getting up to see the kani. I did not get up, partly because I was not impressed by the idea of seeing the kani on TV (yeah, that was their master plan made the night before!) - though there was some truth in their claim that TV is the only place where u can see the "full" kani, I maintained that it's actually the TV they're seeing as kani - and partly because I did not want to lose my sleep so early for that sort of a kani. Of course, the latter being the bigger part!

I had my own plans of kani which was pretty simple. We have a photo of lord krishna in our room - that would serve a good part of the purpose. Nut what about the rest of the kani? That was the master stroke of the plan - u know, its not difficult for you to imagine a full-fledged kani provided that you know all the necessary contents - so just close your eyes as soon as you get up and imagine!

But then there was this truth about sleep which I ignored - u lose a bit of ur sense of direction and purpose when u sleep! And then there was the Murphy's law. So, as soon as I opened my eyes I had to shut it back because what I saw was one of those TV-kani friends of mine! I made it up a little by executing my earlier plans - of course, the imagination was not to the expectation with respect to the colours and it did take some time to retrieve from memory, the list of kani items - but nevertheless it was a valiant effort.

Still whatever that happened was disturbing. So I decided to ask my kani-friend whether he had seen the kani on TV. My logic was this - it may not be that bad seeing, as kani, a person who had seen some kind of a real kani - "aishwaryam" might just be passed on through him. My friend laughed and answered "yes" - to my delight. He continued - "We woke up at 4.30 am, switched on the TV, opened our eyes, and saw with the background of konnapoovu..." - and then came the statement which caused my infant delight to vanish - none other than Kunjacko Boban!"

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