Monday, February 19, 2007

Life is changing

Some friends suggested that this blog shoudl contain ocassional news updates from my side. Especially when there are relatively big changes happening in life. So here we go!

Have brought Subha into my life. We tied the knot almost a month ago at Guruvayur. its much more of a change for her as she had been in Delhi for the last quarter of a century! She brings with her some substantial peace of mind (which i hope to preserve), love for music (we've WorlSpace radio now as the only source), and good listening ability (so that i can have a new audio blog)

Bid adieu to stbed after almost four years of life there. There's so much to remember and tell about life in that house no 55 on the dusty 1st main. Where history never gets the time to rest. Where there is music and movies and midnight tea. Look out for future blogs!

We've moved into a flat near Kundalahall (Brookefields on way from Marathahalli to ITPL). It's a new kind of life and hope to watch it, enjoy it and perhaps write about it too! The first few days have been peaceful. There's light space and water, and other people have started moving their lives to our vicinity, so far so good!

The expected office move to Krishnarajapuram did not happen. Now its dated for this May. So for the tiem being, that's one change less!



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