Sunday, May 30, 2010

She's one

Who brings me back to the blog? My sweet little one, of course. She's just turned one and a year it was!

All those moments .. of joy, of learning, of love, of labor, of hope, of comedy, of surprise, of games, of small words. of anxiety, of understanding, of misunderstanding, of speculation, of helplessness. of strategy .... in short, of parenthood

Magic, here and in every home where there's a kid. The "I've seen this too" feeling that every parent feels. The same pretty li'l humans they all are. Playing to learn. Learning to live. Living to? Well, for now, play. And of course, unmindful of the clock!

There's so much I want to tell you, dear. And so much that I want to hear from you. This is a world that is so full of conflicts, yet so interesting. Life is so very imperfect, yet so endearing. We are all so frail, but we can all laugh, learn, love, hope, play, admire, alter ... And we can be together.

Isn't the blossoming of your relationship with your mother, the most beautiful thing I'm witnessing?

And all those cute images. The pride on your face each time you learn something new.The excitement when you first saw the green ball rolling. Your attempts to ward off sleep and continue playing. Your anger (you seemingly scolded me and you were half a year!) when I was late in taking you out. Your stretched out hands when you saw food packets being given in the train. The seriousness with which you dismantle and displace. The keenness with which you observe. Your tiny fears and suspicitons.

Thank you dear! And welcome to the second year of life.