Friday, July 25, 2003

You Shooting Me?

STBED, Bangalore

It was just another wonderful saturday night (or sunday morning, deoending on perspective - 2 A.M to be exact). We (myself and friends - Santhosh, Binoy, Riyaz) were at our home in STBED - "where history never gets the time to sleep" - enjoying the usual mixture of malayalam film songs + english movies + adventure + hindi music and wondering why this week has had no really interesting stories to offer so far. Our other roomie, Bijunu, was still in office, thanks (not at all) to his project release.

"Tak, Tak" ,, knocks on the door .. seemed like Bijunu has returned after hammering all the bugs. We looked at each other with the "open the door you lazy @#$%" kind of smile. Finally Santhosh decided to take a break from the yahoo messenger windows and walked towards the door. The gamer-adventurer that he is, and in addition hailing from Kannur, decided to give Bijunu a wlcome in military style. . ..

He got ready with his imaginary shotgun and switched to commando operation mode, in a posture that would have humbled even the black cats. He stood behind the door and slowly released the lock without making noise. Then, after another second of silence, he suddenly opened the door and jumped outside in full commando spirits. While still in the air, he released three bullets from his shotgun, along with the appropriate sound effects "dihkou. dishkou, dishkou"

Then, to our surprise, he suddenly seemed to have got transported straight to the madame tussauds museum. Stillness for a second. Slowly, the shotgun disappeared. .He turned and looked at us with a peculiar smile. And then we heard a loud unfamiliar voice from outside "You,shooting me?"

We rushed to the door .. and saw the sight that made our weekend . There was a couple of people standing outside seemingly as amazed as we were. Only that they were both wearing khaki uniforms. Police!

And as they left and the door got shut, a hell of laughter broke loose. The saturday night was still young. .

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