Saturday, December 07, 2002

What a course!

Dec 6, 2002 - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

I'm about to write about a cuurse i had audited in the Mathematics dept at IISC. Algenra, it was called. No, no i'm not going to put down equations here ( as if i remember any ) but plan to write about the most important part of the course, which happened yesterday.

2 days back the prof. sent us a mail inviting us for a "High Tea" at his home after the course at his house! We were a little bit reluctant at first - we had not attended all the lectures, we hadn't submitted assignments and we hadn't taken the test .. and after all this going for tea? Doesn't it sound bad?

But then our sense of duty woke up, though a bit late. Someone quoted "Yatha yatha hi chayasya, ma courseshu kadha chana" and said that it meant " drink ur tea, dont think about the story of the course". We did not attend all the lectures, we did not submut any assignemtn, we did not take the teat .. and after all this if we do not even go for tea .. will it not look too bad?

So we reached there on time. After 1 hr of great chatting, it was time for our main program to start. SURPRISE. Instead of high tea what was awaiting us was high hot kannada DINNER! Most delicious bisibelebath, curd rice, raitha, pickles and a whole lot of other items, some of which i didn't know the names of ..finally ending with a payasam .. what a sin it was, to have ever thought of not coming here!

Performed my duties well.. 2 rounds each for bisibelebath and curd rice, and then 2 rounds of payasam. Realisation was striking - that kannada food can actually be good! Of course, we did find some time in between to thank the hands that made the food. Finally when we were about to leave the house, there came up this last question to the prof - "are you offering any course next semester?"



Anonymous anideepthi said...

ellam gundanalle???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should have included some photos also

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not anonymous its anideepthi itself.dont misunderstand

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